Ariella Co.

Ariella is an established name in the wholesale fashion industry. the company started in 1993 in mid-town Manhattan, NY, where it housed its showroom and corporate office for more then 20 years. When the wholesale market shifted its focus to the West Coast, Ariella decided to move along with the tide to better equip itself with the latest trends and concepts in the women’s fashion industry.

The Ariella woman lives a casual lifestyle, with occasional social gatherings. She is always “on the go” and doesn’t take hours to prepare herself for any occasion. Nor does she need to, thanks to the versatility of the Ariella clothing line, which effortlessly matches wearable comfort with an understated flair for fashion.

Ariella’s company objective is “To enable a woman exude a vibrant, interesting, and subtle sophistication but with ease and casualness. The line is associated with “street style”, “cozy couture”, “stand out in a crowd”, “unique details”, “feminine and edgy”, and “take-me-anywhere elegance”.

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